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About the Course

Remember this, nothing will hurt your child's chances at booking a job more than turning in a terrible audition. It embarrasses your agent, annoys the CD's (Casting Directors) and suddenly you'll find your child is NOT getting as many auditions anymore.

Whether it's learning audition technique for self-taping at home, or actually "in-the-room" with casting directors, your child MUST know how to audition well, to actually get a job. Your child will learn the beginning basics necessary to start building a solid understanding of what it takes to give an excellent audition. And you as the parent need to know these things as well, because you're going to be the one helping them prepare their audition.


*How to “SLATE” confidently and effectively

*The fundamentals of auditioning to a camera.

*How to prepare audition material.

*The differences in Auditioning “in the room” with casting or “self-tape”

*How to give a great audition in the room with casting directors.

PARENTS WILL LEARN: *What equipment you need at home for self tapes. *What is a Coogan Account? (Children under 18 has to have one) Q and A with Brad BONUS- You will receive an exclusive free video on how to open a Coogan account.

BONUS OFFER EXCLUSIVELY FOR MY WORKSHOP CLIENTS: One free extra look added to any headshot package you buy with me ($150 Value) :) *Must be claimed within one year of your last workshop with me ***Children must be accompanied by at least one parent.

LEARN TO AUDITION LIKE A PRO ​Over the years in Hollywood, Brad attended hundreds of casting director workshops where he served as a "reader" in many one-on-one casting situations. Most of these workshops were limited to only himself, the Casting Director, and the auditioning actor present in the room. Brad has a first-hand education in what makes a Casting Director, Director, or Producer gravitate towards certain actor's performances, yet be unenthused by others. ​This valuable education combined with Brad's own innumerable personal audition and booking experiences will create a wealth of knowledge for you to springboard your career in a positive direction. 







Your Instructor

Marcus Harris

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Marcus Harris
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