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Contact me to sign up!

If class is already full you will

be placed on the waiting list.

 Only $225 per month
1 class per week


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Pick one of four weekly ongoing classes, paid monthly. This class is for actors who want to stay on top of, or improve their auditioning skills, while simultaneously becoming a better actor. You are welcome to drop in anytime of the month as long as there's a spot open. You will be pro-rated for the rest of the month. These are first come/first serve, so once they are full you will be put on a waiting list for the next opening.


1st and 3rd week- NEW MATERIAL will be given and performed.

2nd and 4th week- PERFORM POLISHED MATERIAL and focus on performance and redirects. 

These classes are purposefully small to ensure everyone works every week.

I will pull work that is specific to your casting possibilities, no cookie cutter scripts here. 


Why study with me?
If there's one thing over anything else I know how to do and teach, it's auditioning. I've given countless of my own auditions over my 20 year career. I also spent 4 years as a reader for various casting directors and associates in Hollywood, where I learned what works and why. Of casting directors all have their own personal likes and dislikes, but there's no denying a good audition when you see it. 

Let me help you learn the art of giving a great audition whether self-tape or in the room with casting. I will teach you how to confidently do both. 


You will also learn the invaluable art of the COLD READ TECHNIQUE and how to use it when necessary. 

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